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5 Easy Ways to View Private Instagram Accounts In 2024

Let’s be honest, we’ve all encountered a private Instagram account that’s sparked our curiosity. Maybe it’s a celebrity chef whose food pics are shrouded in mystery, or a local artist you suspect might be your old classmate. Whatever the reason, the lock on that profile is making you want to look at what’s inside that profile.

But can you actually see what’s behind it? Yes, you can and in this blog, we will equip you with 5 easy ways how to see private instagram accounts in 2024.

Can you View Private Instagram Accounts?

Yes! Viewing private accounts is allowed on Instagram, but it comes with only one condition: you need to follow them on the platform. Otherwise, you are not allowed to view the details of a private account.

5 Reasons you might want to see Private Instagram Accounts

5 Reasons you might want to see Private Instagram Accounts

There are many possible reasons why someone would find it interesting to peep into a private account. Here are 5 relatable reasons why you want to view a private instagram account.

1.Personal Interest

You might be impressed with an individual and be very interested in what this person has been up to but they have refused to accept your follow-up request.

2.Research or Investigation

In some situations, journalists, investigators, or researchers want to gather information about a person from his IG account for legitimate reasons.


If the private account you want to follow is somebody from your industry or field of interest, it might be that you want to follow them for professional help.

4.Safety Concerns

There could be safety reasons, such as checking up on someone’s well-being if you suspect they are in danger.

5.Mutual Friends

You might be friends with people who follow that private account, and you’re curious about that IG profile.

5 Smart Ways to View Private Instagram Accounts in 2024

Let’s explore 5 smart and legitimate ways to access a private account. Here are a few options to consider:

1.View Private Instagram Accounts by Following the Page

This is the most obvious and straightforward approach. Simply send a follow request and hope for the best. If you have a mutual connection or have a genuine reason for wanting to follow them (like being a fan of their art), include a polite message in your request.

2.View Through a Friend’s Account

This is a great option if you are looking for tips on how to see a private Instagram account free. If you have a mutual friend with the private account you want to look at, just politely ask if you can take a look at their profile. Most people are happy to help out a friend.

3.Create a Different Account

If you want to view a private Instagram account without following the person, you can create another account with a different identity. In this way, you can view private account photos, videos, reels, and stories on Instagram without sending a follow request from your main Insta account. 

4.Check Their Profile On Other Social Media Platforms

Sometimes, the private Insta account is just one piece of the puzzle. Look for the user on other social media platforms where their account might be public. If you really want to view a person’s hidden Instagram profile, consider checking their Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat, or YouTube account, etc.

Bonus Tip – You can get their full names from their Instagram profile and move on to other platforms. By going through their accounts on other platforms, you can get the details you need.

5.Run a Google Check

If you know the name of the person’s private Instagram account, you can easily go to Google and run a check. A simple Google search can show you some posts on the person’s Instagram page, and you’ll get the necessary information.

9 Tools to View private Instagram accounts

There are many Instagram tools and apps to see private Instagram profiles. Below are the 5 trending tools to view private Instagram accounts and get more details about them;

Insta Stalker

Instastaliker - Private instagram views

With Insta Stalker, you only need to input the private account’s username, and the App will bring out different suggestions for selecting the specific account. Note that the webpage might require you to complete different online surveys before proceeding. 


Eyezy - private instagram viewer

Considered the best tool to see private Instagram accounts in 2024, Eyezy stands apart from every other tool on the internet. To use this tool all you need is to provide the username of the private account you want to monitor. After that, this tool will give you every possible detail of that private IG account.

Insta Looker

insta looker private instagram viewer

If you don’t like filling out surveys, this tool is best for you and can act as your private Instagram viewer. It has a unique feature that allows you to download photos and videos of the private account you will view through this tool.


glassagram - instagram private account viewer

Glassagram is a premium private Instagram viewing app enabling users to view any account. When you use this anonymous Instagram profile and story viewer, you get all the necessary information about the private account profile.

This digital tool is safe and secure and gives you full access to the account, so you can view and monitor whatever you need.


Private insta viewer

The Private Insta app lets you view a private Instagram profile without any problem. The app is easy to navigate, but just like Insta Stalker, you must complete some surveys before accessing the private account. Furthermore, this app also allows you to see what the private account owner comments on or likes.


umobix private instagram viewer

uMobix is another app that allows users to view private Instagram accounts without the need for permission. With uMobix, users can access posts, stories, and profile information from accounts locked away due to their privacy settings. 

The app makes it easy to quickly find profiles of interest and view the content you wouldn’t otherwise have access to.


mspy private instagram viewer

This powerful tool allows you to view private Instagram profiles without any hassle. It offers you simple and quick access to private accounts on Instagram, letting you monitor a private Instagram account activity without getting detected. It lets you see every post in the account, their interactions, followers, and likes.

GWAA private instagram viewer

GWAA is a powerful app that allows users to view private Instagram accounts without the account holder’s knowledge. With GWAA, users can see posts and stories of any account they are interested in, including those with privacy settings enabled. The app allows users to view stories, posts, comments, and profiles without additional credentials or login procedures.  


Instaviews - private instagram viewer

Instaviews is a private Instagram profile viewer that provides the best anonymous viewing features. It offers a secure and efficient way to view private profiles. It ensures your privacy while providing access to photos, videos, and stories of a private account that would otherwise remain hidden.

How to Make Your Instagram Private?

How to Make Your Instagram Private

Now that you’ve explored the world of peeking, let’s talk about protecting your own privacy. Here’s how to make Instagram private:

  • Head to your IG profile
  • Click on the three dots in the right corner.
  • Select “Settings” and then “Privacy.”
  • Toggle the button next to “Private Account” to on.

5 Reasons People Make Their Instagram Accounts Private

Instagram understands the need for privacy for its users, and that is why the platform allows people to make their accounts private. Here are the 5 reasons why people choose to keep their IG accounts private.

1.Privacy Preference

This is a big one. People might not want their every move broadcasted to the entire world. A private account allows them to share photos and stories with a selected group of followers, creating a more intimate online space.

2.Safety and Security

Keeping your Instagram account private keeps you away from unwanted spam and trolls in your comments section. It also protects your content from being misused by any unknown IG user.

3.Content Control

Some people use Instagram for specific purposes, like sharing content with family and close friends. A private account ensures that only approved followers see their posts, keeping their content curated for a specific audience.

4.Building a Community

Making an account private can be a way to cultivate a closer online community. It allows users to approve followers who share similar interests, fostering a more meaningful online space.

5.Professional Use

Some professionals, like artists or businesses starting out, might use a private account initially. This allows them to control who sees their work and target their content towards potential clients or collaborators.

Pros and Cons of Making Your Instagram Account Private

Making an instagram account private is an individual choice. There are both advantages as well as disadvantages to making your instagram account private. Let’s have a look at them;

Pros of Making Your Instagram account private

Enhanced Privacy

A private account lets you decide who sees your content. By switching your account to private, you have total control over who you want to add as a follower on your account. You can accept their follower request as per your wish. Share selfies with just your besties or vacation pics with just your family – you control the audience.

A Safe Space to Share

Do you ever feel nervous because of a new look you posted on Instagram which was presumably not quite successful? Private accounts could be the greatest means of creating an intimate room for such experiments without being scared of what others think about you

Security Control

Putting your account in private mode guards against the probable access of your content by strange people who could misuse or misquote it. This is highly necessary for setting personal limits and keeping off unwanted focus.

Reduced spam and Trolls 

Private accounts tend to attract fewer spam comments and are less likely to be targeted by trolls or malicious users seeking to disrupt or harass. This creates a more positive and supportive community among your followers.

Cons of Making Instagram account private

Limited Reach

Since only approved followers see your content, growing your audience organically becomes more challenging.

No Engagement Boost

Public accounts benefit from features like explore page discovery and hashtag visibility, which private accounts miss out on.

Friend Request Hassle

Adding followers on a private account on Instagram requires manual approval, which can be tedious if you frequently connect with new people online.

Trust Issues

Some users might hesitate to follow private accounts because they cannot preview the content beforehand. This can lead to slower growth in followers compared to a public account where potential followers can see your posts and decide whether to follow you based on your content.


Remember, there’s a reason why some accounts are private. Respecting user privacy is key, and the methods above will help you quench your curiosity without resorting to shady tactics. After all, the best Insta experiences are built on genuine connections, not sneaky peeks. Now go forth and explore the public side of Instagram – there’s a whole world of amazing content waiting for you!

People Also Ask

How To View Private Instagram Accounts for free?

To view private Instagram accounts for free, you can create a different Instagram account and send a follow request or you can view it through a friend’s IG account.

What Is a Private Instagram Account?
A private Instagram account is a type of account whose posts and other activities on the app can only be seen by the followers.

Why Do Some People Want to View Others’ Private Instagram Accounts Privately?
To stay ahead of the competition, curiosity, parents who want to, an employer may want to check a prospective employee’s profile, and maybe a reporter wants to see information from an IG user.

How Do You Set an Account to Private?
Go to your settings and click on the privacy button.

How many private accounts are there on IG?

There are over 300 million private IG accounts today, according to stats.

Can you find a privately owned Instagram account in the search engines?

You can if you have the person’s account name; it may not show you all their posts, but it gives you an idea of their account.

Are there any limits on the number of profiles you can view privately?

The limit on the number of Instagram profiles you can view privately depends on the private viewer tool you’re using. While some apps are completely free, others require you to subscribe to their services.

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